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Online Therapy


What is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling is the interaction between myself and you through the use of the internet. Counseling is communicated through the use of a confidential messenger/video program like skype. 

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Write ([email protected]) or text me (9492291138) to ask for an online appointment.  We will come up with a time that is convenient for both of us and then get online at that time.  Please put "online appt request" in the subject line of the email.  Let me know some good available times for you. 

The opportunity for confidential support online can help many people to feel safer and more in control when they communicate about their concerns.  It helps a lot of people who are not able to come to my office for one reason or another, or just wish to stay home and do counseling online.  I've been doing online therapy via email for a long time, being one of the first therapists to do so. 

I’m not going to lie and say it is just as effective as in office counseling, but it is pretty close.  I charge $ 2.00 a minute for our online time.

Email Counseling works by us writing emails to each other.  The process of writing down thoughts and feelings can be particularly powerful. For some, this can help to focus thoughts and concerns. Online interaction also gives you the option to reflect or re read your communication with the counselor.  It is especially helpful to people who find writing easy. 

See more at my Youtube video on E-Therapy


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Helpful Forms

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