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I charge for my clinical experience and expertise.  My heart is free.  Fees range from $75-125 per session, depending on your personal income.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes long. Couples and family sessions are 90 minutes long.  10% of my practice is reserved for low fee and sliding scale clients.  Please contact me to ask about your individualized fee.


You are welcome to pay for your sessions through cash, check, or charge.  See below for insurance information.

I like to suggest that we securely store a form of payment on file through therapypartner.com for all of your sessions, based on the fee you agree with. The reason for this is to make it easier for you to focus on yourself and not spend time in sessions on the subject of payment.  I am deeply committed to the therapeutic climate and want your therapeutic experience to be focused on you and your treatment goals.

By allowing you to use a credit or debit card, I can avoid taking time away from your therapeutic work to check you in and process payment.

I recommend you also obtain a zero or low interest credit card

just for therapy and health purchases

(prescribed and non-prescribed items such as icepacks or relaxation apps).  That way you can easily see your tax deductions for the year.  Go to this link to find credit:


Each month you may receive a "Superbill Statement" which you may use to obtain reimbursement payments from an insurance carrier or use on your taxes as a medical expense receipt.

If you agree with the above, you can fill out the electronic payment form at the back of the intake packet.


I DO NOT BILL INSURANCE DIRECTLY or ELECTRONICALLY.  However, I will help you get reimbursed.  I need to have payment

on the day of service

and then you file a claim to get reimbursed.   Reimbursements usually take about 2 weeks to a month.

If you want to get reimbursed by your PPO* insurance company, services may be partially covered. Please check your coverage carefully by calling the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card and asking the following questions:

If you have paid me first, do not have your insurance company pay me.  Have the check sent to you.

*Please note that HMO insurance, MediCare, and MediCal do not cover my services.   Please call the number on your insurance card ans ask who they recommend for you.

Reduced Fee
As mentioned earlier, reduced fees are available on a limited basis.  Do not hesitate to ask about this-- you may qualify!

Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.  Insurance does not pay for missed sessions. Please text me at 949-229-1138 to reschedule or cancel.

Confidentiality/Privacy Policy: Your privacy and safety are my pleasure to protect.  No one will know you wrote to me unless you write that is okay to share your information.

Questions? Please contact me for further information.

You and your family deserve peace of mind in this troubling world .  Make an appointment here .

Helpful Forms

Click here to view and print forms for your appointment.